Your Dream Birth is my specialty

I offer all birth services that include:

  • Pre-birth education and preparation. This is your birth, lets plan it the way you want it!
  • Labor and delivery
  • Breastfeeding assistance and education
  • Birth documentation! Your birth will be filmed and photos will be taken of your baby after birth.  All to your personal preferences and privacy.
  • Birth plan writing and translating to the medical staff at the hospital
  • Partner birth training and education. I will gently help your partner during your birth to be there for you and your baby.  This has been scientifically proven to create an environment where your partner has a vested interest in your baby after birth.  They are more active and involved, if they are able to be a part of the birth, vs. being a bystander.  A doula should never take the place of the partner.
  • Newborn parenting classes for new parents who want the edge on how to care for their baby most effectively after arriving home
  • Postpartum doula care.  This includes breastfeeding and overnight care.  I am happy to stay with your baby and allow you to sleep.  I highly recommend this to all of my clients if they are comfortable.  (I have testimonials from other clients available upon request)
  • Adoption doula services.  This includes helping the mother have an ideal birth and transitioning the baby to the new parents and educating them on the care of the baby.  
  • Volunteer services are available to mothers who are low income and would like a doula.  Please contact me for more information.

Labor and Delivery

I offer comprehensive packages that include 2 pre-birth visits, your dream birth and 2 postpartum visits.  I will join you when you go into labor and do not leave your side until successful breastfeeding has begun.

Team Birth!

I work with your partner/husband to create a team birth environment.  They will feel strong, confident and empowered.  I offer training and preparation to partners so that they can be the most effective birth companion and enjoy the process

Medical Advocate

Currently we are in a trend where birth has become a pressured, timed event.  Often mothers are rushed through birth by being offered unsafe medical interventions that have negative outcomes on baby and mother e.g. early breaking of waters, pitocin, unnecessary c-sections and more.  I will be your guard and advocate that you will not be pressured into something you are not comfortable with.  We will see your dream birth through. (with medically necessary interventions as an exception)